Monday, August 10, 2015

My Colonial Marine Armor

Since having to sell my Star Wars Stormtrooper armor, I'm really missing having a great costume to wear at parties, conventions and around the house making pancakes.

In that spirit, I've decided to try to assemble a new costume, but this time, I'm going with a something different. A set of Colonial Marine armor from Aliens! More specifically, I want to recreate Corporal Dwayne Hicks' armor.

Putting this together is going to be a labor of love and time and money. I'm not asking for help here, but if anyone wants to be me any gifts, these are items that I need to help make my armor a reality.
If you can't buy an entire item, but want to help, contact Jen (my girlfriend) and she can help you put money toward one of the things on this list.

USCM Marine Armor Costume With Steel Helmet in Movie Camo 
(Top Item on the page on the left, Regular Sized Ab Pad)

Evike Pulse Rifle

BDU Blouse
Size Small through XL
(Up to a 48" Chest)
(measurements posted soon)

BDU Trousers
Size Small through XL
(measurements posted soon)

Altama Black Jungle Boots (Size 9)

IR Sight (w/ LED)

Marine Headset Kit
Other things will be added to list (or hopefully taken off!) as needed.

For details, contact, Jeniffer at