Monday, February 21, 2011

CIA and the White House are Sad Keanu

All of those years of planning and work. All of those quiet payoffs, back room deals, bodies stealthily disposed of. So many made rich on the backs of so many poor.

As the Middle East continues its surreal shake up, the White House, while keeping up the 'Smiling Face of Democracy' in press releases and appearances, is actually down at the bar on the corner, with the CIA, crying into their beer.

So much has been thrown into the air and we have no idea where it's going to land. Certainly there are potential upsides for the citizens of these countries, although I think they will probably go through some nasty growing pains first. As I write this there are rumors of Libyan planes firing on their own civilians. People are fighting for their lives and for their ideals and for a tiny bit of hope.

While we, as a country, may cheer them on, we may not like the results. Will a free and democratic Libya, the majority of whom are very poor, want to be as generous with their oil as they did under Ghaddaffi? Will they, along with some recently liberated neighbors decide that they have the power and will to pull the oil teet from America's always thirsty mouth?

If that day rolls around, if the time comes when Americans suddenly find themselves in a world where the half of the Middle East that we aren't at war with isn't in bed with us any longer, what will happen? Will America tolerate $8 a gallon gasoline?

I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen. But I'm thrilled to find out.

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