Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Table Tennis

Currently, my vision of politics in America (and really, most of the world) goes something like this: Table tennis. You know, those really amazing Chinese player where the ball is going back and forth at a million miles an hour?

Left/Liberal/Democrat is one player, Right/Conservative/Republican is the other player. A few people are cheering and hollering for one player or the other other, but most of us are just eyeing the ball back and forth, back and forth. Issues bounce around meaninglessly at high speeds and both players just continue to volley. Nothing is really being accomplished.

Meanwhile, the corporations are not only paying the salaries of the players, but making sure there is a steady supply of ping pong balls coming in and an unending flow of light beer for the patrons in the stands.

Time to start realizing that the game has no end and the players are there to distract us from the men behind the curtain.

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