Monday, September 17, 2012

Liberals and Progressives Shouldn't Vote For Obama

Republicans will vote for Romney and Democrats will vote for Obama.  It's a given, really. Personally, I've never registered with a party in the 23 years I've been voting. Initially it was laziness, but as I grew older and perhaps a little wiser, I began avoiding them intentionally.

More than ever, most American voters have this horribly polarized view of presidential politics. It's all 'us or them', left or right, good and evil.  It makes for great storytelling, but very poor representative politics.  Many people will tell you that voting for a third party or not voting is a vote for 'the other guy'. Of course, 'the other guy' is so horrible that it's sure to bring about the actual, literal apocalypse. Or at least, the parties would have you believe so.

Democrats used to be where the terms 'liberal' and 'progressive' made their political home.  As a person who absolutely loathed the intellectual void that was George W. Bush, I was proud to not vote for him. I half-heartedly voted for Gore, begrudgingly voted for Kerry and in 2008, voted for Obama with a glimmer of hope.

That was my last ever vote for the 'lesser of the evils.'  And Obama is bad. I know most of you 'left' folks don't want me saying that. Hell, some of you've probably already started thinking I'm some sort of right wing nut. But please remember who I just told you I've voted for. I've never voted for a Republican in my life.

But simply having a (D) in front of your name doesn't make you liberal or progressive.  President Obama is living proof of that.  I'm going to list seven very clear examples of lines he crossed which not only make him a bad president, but one that is far to the right of center.

1) He is a war hawk. He is absolutely one of the most aggressive, imperialist Presidents we've ever had.

A vote for Obama is a pro-war vote, pure and simple.

2) He has a horrible record on civil liberties. Oh, I'll grant you the repeal of DADT and the passing of the Lilly Ledbetter Act. But those don't even begin to balance the scales when it comes to Obama's callous disregard for basic human and American rights.

"I'm disgusted with this President," said ACLU Executive Director, Anthony Romero. 

3) Obama is waging a massive war against state legal medical marijuana.  Despite the fact that he's admitted using it himself for non-medical reasons. ( )

4) Obama has set a new record for deporting illegal immigrants.  This isn't something to be proud of. We should finding ways to integrate these people into our society and make sure they become healthy, productive members of our tax base. Additionally, he continues to enforce the Secure Communities Act. (

5) Obama is pro insurance and has moved us away from socialized healthcare. The individual mandate will force citizens to buy health insurance or else pay a tax/fine. Apparently, it's Constitutional, but we should all be horrified that the court sided with Obama in authorizing a bill that institutionalizes health insurance companies as a default recipient of our tax dollars. That is something a person who is pro-big business would endorse.For the first time ever, a US citizen must buy something continually from a private company. ( )

6) Obama's administration is rampant with payoffs and cronyism. He's filled his administration with lobbyists, despite promising to have nothing to do with them.  He's given choice jobs to his biggest campaign contributors or 'bundlers' ( )  and (

7) He's pro-big bank and pro-corporatism. It may seem like Romney is the corporate boogeyman, but Obama is just better at his slight of hand. He helmed massive bailouts for banks all on the taxpayer dimes, while homes were foreclosed on at a horrendous rate. ( ) and ( ) and ( ) and (

So, how would you describe a pro-war, pro-banking, pro-corporate candidate who disgusts the ACLU? Before you start arguing with or dismissing my links or leaping to the defense of the POTUS, consider this: Reagan supported and signed the Brady Bill - a gun control bill. Nixon created the EPA. George H.W. Bush  signed the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The reason I bring those up is that it's just as easy to demonize an opponent as it is to elevate your heroes. We need to look at these people clearly and with a steady moral compass. If we simply judge the quality of our leaders by how they compare to their opponents in the election cycle, then we're doomed to get nothing more than the lesser of two evils. And that's where we're at in this country.  People are so used to gridlock, cronyism, glad handing, and the status quo that when it comes time to choose one of the most important figures in the world, we're essentially saying:  "Well, between a shit sandwich and a shit sandwich sprinkled with glass, I'll choose the shit sandwich." And then, somehow, magically, you're excited to eat a shit sandwich.  When someone points out that you're happily eating a shit sandwich, you point out with a muffled voice, "Well, it doesn't have glass in it!" (In case my analogy isn't clear, Obama is the shit sandwich and Romney is the shit sandwich with glass sprinkled in it.)

There are very rich folks out there, who have massive influence, who are thrilled to just keep making sure that you are happy with your shit sandwich. So, go ahead and take another bite and make them happy.


Ian said...

Yup. I am not looking forward to biting into that shit sandwich.

Kim said...

So don't bite into it. Eat a different sandwich altogether, something you can tolerate. I'm voting green. Is it a winning ticket? No. But it is one my conscience can live with at the end of the day, and that is more important. Connor is right; until we ALL start voting our conscience instead of the lesser evil, we aren't doing the nation any good. We are propagating the system that is fucking us in the ass with a chainsaw. I'm tired of it.