Wednesday, September 11, 2013

24 Days Of Corporate Greed

I lost my job in March of 2012. I had two credit cards, a student loan and a mild balance on all of them. I paid more than the minimum payments every month and a rarely used the cards. My credit rating was pretty damn high.

I didn't used to get much junk mail. But slowly, over the last year and half, a trickle turned into a waterfall.

But more than just junk mail, I began to notice that it was specifically offers for credit cards. Low APR! Cash back! No interest for the first six months! Every bank and issuer had an angle. And they didn't stop.

Last month, I decided that rather than just throwing them right into the trash, I'd keep some of them. I wanted the project to go on longer, but I got sick of the sight of them. This is 24 days worth of credit card offers:

At first I attributed this to stupidity. I'd say things like, "Don't these idiots know that I'm unemployed?" The ridiculously obvious answer to that question is "Yes, of course they do."

This folks, is evil at it's most refined and potent. Dante couldn't come up with a version of the Devil this sophisticated. These evil banking fucks are sending me these offers because I'm unemployed. Think about that. Think about how goddamned predatory that is. Not to mention, look at that waste! How much paper, money, man power and time is going into sending us all of this, just so that it can end up being recycled?

I'd really like to bundle these up with some rubber bands and slap someone across the face with them. But there really isn't any one person to slap, is there? So I guess the best I can do is just scream out into the void: "Fuck you."

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